Benefits of Massage


• Enhances general health through encouraging relaxation by restoring a calm mind and feeling of well-being, improves immune system function and balances energy flow.
• Can help alleviate problem conditions by helping to resolve general muscular tension and aches, migraines or headaches, back pain, poor circulation, stress and anxiety.
• Supports your sport and fitness by relieving tired and sore muscles, improving joint mobility and flexibility and speeding up recovery from physical activity.


Many people have found massage helps to ease general aches and muscle pains by encouraging tighter muscles to release. The main way it does this is through the stimulation of the circulatory system. When the muscles have insufficient blood supply, the tissues of the muscle do not have the opportunity to exchange the nutrients that it requires to live and to heal, and the cellular wastes of the muscle stay stagnant within the muscle tissue for the wastes have nowhere else to go.

Deeper massage can help muscle or connective tissue that has been injured or otherwise compromised. It is used to break up scar tissue, or separate muscle fibres that have become chronically tight and dense. It is especially beneficial for athletes, people receiving certain types of physical therapy or people recovering from surgeries (after the surgical site has completed healed).