As Whistler provides natural inspiration through its beauty, so too our experienced therapists will complement the serene, comfortable environment, soothing your senses and spirit.

Why are we called Blue Highways? Blue Highways has operated in Whistler since 1993. On many old road maps, the 'expressways' were printed in red and the local byways, printed in blue. These blue roads led away from the rush of the city, enabling you to explore new places where there is more time and space for you! Welcome to one of life's ‘Blue Highways’!

Blue Highways has been serving Whistler guests and locals for over 25 years, providing a blue highway experience for customers to relax and spend some time on themselves. We are proud of our growth from a small, one room clinic into 9 beautiful rooms in our clinic located in the Market Pavilion, all with a stunning layout to help you wind down. Blue Highways is considered the leader in high quality massage by Whistler Residents.