Spa Massage


Certified Aroma Therapists use therapeutic plant oils, individually blended for treating a vast number of health issues that are very common today. Aromatherapy technique is an application of these oils to the body by way of light body massage that is directed towards the lymphatic system to enhance physical and emotional well-being. It aids both internal and external healing since the oils penetrate the body.
Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits and barks of trees.
For example, we have essential oils of jasmine, rose, thyme, jojoba, cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood and lemon, to name just a few. These essential oils have therapeutic and medicinal value, and are used to cure many physical and mental ailments.  Skin diseases, lung problems and depression are only some of the ailments that benefit with the use of essential oils.


Hot Stone Therapy

Warm basalt stones are integrated with other therapeutic techniques and are used to massage the body. Increases the effect of basic massage therapy through the application of heat to release tension and also enhances well-being, providing feeling of comfort and grounding.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage has as its main goal to be of therapeutic benefit.  Therefore this type of massage is tailed very much to the specific requirements of each individual. The therapist combines the techniques of a firm Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage incorporated with other styles in which they are qualified to do to help the client to achieve their therapeutic goals. With the use of Swedish techniques to ease the general aches, muscle pains and stimulate circulation, a therapist can assure pain reduction to work and manipulate the soft tissue.